Graham 1966 Vintage Port: Tasting Notes

This page provides an overview of my notes on the Graham 1966 Vintage Port. Apologies if the notes are brief (or non-existent); they are mainly recorded for my benefit with public distribution being a secondary priority!

I always enjoy hearing from other Port-drinkers. If you find these notes helpful; or find yourself violently disagreeing with me about them, please do not hesitate to contact me at: port­@­J­a­c­o­b­-­H­e­a­d­.­c­o­m­.

The Notes

Tasting 1

Notes: Notably darker than the older wines in this tasting. On the palate, simply incredible complexity with a good amount of fruit to balance out its sweetness and maturity. Absolutely excellent.

Tasted at: TPF Malvedos Tasting

Date: 22nd March 2010

Rated*: C+

Tasting 2

Notes: Orangey. Slighter than the others. Really bitter in the mouth; probably flawed.

Tasted at: Steak Exchange

Date: 8th November 2011

Rated*: P

Tasting 3

Notes: Very light. Slightly spirity. No fruit. Is this beginning to decline or was it just an over-aged bottle?

Tasted at: BBR Port Walk 2017

Date: 24th November 2017

Rated*: P

* A Note on Ratings

My rating system attempts to answer the question “is this a good Port?” one of three ways: N—No; P—Possibly; or C—Certainly. Ports generally are rated against others of their category. Therefore, a Ruby Port which I rate as C for Certainly good, might not be as good as a Vintage Port which receives the same rating. I sometimes modify my rating with a plus or minus indicating that the Port is better or worse than might be expected for this category.


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