Taylor 1978 Quinta de Vargellas SQVP: Tasting Notes

This page provides an overview of my notes on the Taylor 1978 Quinta de Vargellas SQVP. Apologies if the notes are brief (or non-existent); they are mainly recorded for my benefit with public distribution being a secondary priority!

I always enjoy hearing from other Port-drinkers. If you find these notes helpful; or find yourself violently disagreeing with me about them, please do not hesitate to contact me at: port­@­J­a­c­o­b­-­H­e­a­d­.­c­o­m­.

The Notes

Tasting 1

Notes: A measure darker than its older brethren at the tasting and likewise tasted a bit younger, with some more fruit and heat than was present in the others. It also seemed a bit simpler on the palate. On revisiting the next night, nose is more muted than on the other Vargellas only a little spirit. Perhaps the bottle was corked. The toffee of some of the Vargellas is also there, though only slightly, as is a slight grassiness. On the palate, it is initially quite muted, fading into a little pepper, with an extra sweetness (say of strawberry syrup) which is lacking in the 1967 The fire is still present, although not too intrusive with the port feeling fairly round and with a shortish aftertaste.

Tasted at: TPF Vargellas tasting, TCP

Date: 24th March 2009

No rating.

Tasting 2

Notes: Red but fading in colour. A bit spirity on the nose. Cinnamon predominates. In the mouth, sweet with good fruit remaining and a slightly bitter aftertaste which I think is very characteristic of a Vargellas.

Tasted at: “Bring a bottle tasting”, TCP

Date: 3rd April 2011

Rated*: P

* A Note on Ratings

My rating system attempts to answer the question “is this a good Port?” one of three ways: N—No; P—Possibly; or C—Certainly. Ports generally are rated against others of their category. Therefore, a Ruby Port which I rate as C for Certainly good, might not be as good as a Vintage Port which receives the same rating. I sometimes modify my rating with a plus or minus indicating that the Port is better or worse than might be expected for this category.


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